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Back to reality

Just lost a long-time client paper, for the usual budgetary reasons.

On a somewhat related note: you can support independent cartooning AND get a sneak peek at each week’s cartoon by signing up for SPARKY’S LIST!

That is all.

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Washington Post interview

Forgot to post this last week.

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Herblock award

The Herblock ceremony was held last Thursday at the Library of Congress. It was an amazing evening, for which I owe huge thanks to everyone at the Herblock Foundation.

With fellow cartoonists Signe Wilkinson and Matt Wuerker. More pics below the fold.

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Cartoonists Demand Action

This project was co-ordinated by Ruben Bolling, who writes more about it here.

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SPARKY’S LIST subscribers please read

I’m still contending with the Dread Mailchimp Payment Glitch. In short, if your subscription is up for renewal but your credit card on file has expired or been cancelled, you will be repeatedly, automatically unsubscribed — even after you update the cc info. Mailchimp has been informed of this bug many times but shows no sign of addressing it.

If you get an unsubscribe notice, DO NOT TRY TO RESUBSCRIBE without contacting me first. I have to manually re-set your account to keep you from falling into the unsubscribe loop.

Apologies for the hassle.

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Guantanamo cookbook

A flea market find: a cookbook of favorite recipes from the wives of military personnel stationed at Guantamo, circa 1964.

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RIP Mr. Ebert

What Digby said:

In recent years, Roger Ebert did something else that was revolutionary: He showed us how to live with a terrible illness and, despite a disability that would have destroyed most celebrities, stayed as relevant as ever by engaging the public through social media. His writing became even more feisty and aggressive than it had been when he was younger, particularly when it came to politics. He was an inspiration.

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