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Down memory lane

Ran across this post, while searching for something entirely unrelated. I used to put a lot more time into blogging, until I eventually decided that time was better spent making short snarky remarks on Twitter. And (more seriously) on cartooning.

I wonder if Brian D. held true to his total and perpetual boycott of me, for whatever it was that he was so mad about.

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Speaking of Iowa City

A couple of pictures of the old Iowa Theatre, scanned from old slides. I worked there for several years as a teenager. Long gone now — it was turned into a Burger King, and now I believe it’s some kind of club.

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Berke Breathed article from 1984

I’ve been going through some old boxes of clips recently, and found this article from the May 17, 1984 edition of the Iowa City Press Citizen. In the early eighties, Berke Breathed and I overlapped in Iowa City for a year or two. It was my hometown — I was in my early twenties, in a transitional moment, trying to figure out what I was doing with my life. He was at the peak of his initial success, and had landed in Iowa because his partner was going to school there. I was working in a copy center, and he used to come in with a stack of Bloom County originals, which was always a big thrill for the budding young cartoonist behind the counter. I still have a signed promotional bookstore poster with a small drawing of Opus that he gave me, as well as a couple signed books. Within a few months of this article’s publication, I was out of Iowa City and on my way to San Francisco.

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1961 teen slang

A sidebar from the San Diego Union, February 12, 1961, recently unearthed by my wife the historian.

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Hahahahahaha oh god

“Rarely has a U.S. president been so wrong about so much at the expense of so many.” –Dick Cheney, speaking of Obama.

Just to be clear, that is not satire, but rather a thing that was actually said by George Bush’s Vice President and probable puppetmaster.

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Note for Sparky’s List subscribers

If you have not received the mailing for the last week or two, please shoot me an email so I can forward your addy along to the Mailchimp help dept. I’ve gotten several complaints this week, and my “open” rate dropped 20% in a single week for no apparent reason, so there may be a glitch here somewhere.

UPDATE: Mailchimp believes something specific to this week’s mailing triggered spam filters, so check your spam folders. If you’re on Gmail there’s a “never send to spam” checkbox in the filters, or you can add my TMWsubscribers email to your contact list.

UPDATE 2: Things you can do on Gmail to keep legitimate mail from being marked as spam.

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A small reminder

This is the man being trotted out to give expert commentary on the situation in Iraq.

Kristol’s prominence as a pundit only makes sense if we are finding out what he thinks in order to do the exact opposite.

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