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Family in town

So, probably no more posting today. Go read Atrios. He’s on a roll with the missing weapons story, among other things. And be sure to catch Jack Hitt’s voter suppression piece on This American Life this weekend (whenever it runs in your area).

Update: at least partly at the urging of your humble host, TAL has put Jack’s piece online earlier than usual. Click here, scroll down to the Jack Hitt story. Seriously, do this now. Especially if you are a Republican — listen, and ask yourself if this is really the sort of behavior with which you would like to be associated. (Not to mention this.)

Meanwhile, Bob informs us that the Bush/Cheney 2004 website is blocked to anyone attempting to access it from outside the United States. Fortress America, indeed…

posted by Tom Tomorrow at 9:35 AM | link

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